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Top 5 tips to get your diesel truck to last forever


A truck isn’t just a means of transport, it’s that tough companion that accompanies you everywhere you go. As such, it deserves some good care to ensure that it can last a long time and accompany you on many more journeys on the road and into the wilderness. Especially if you’ve paid good money to get a top diesel engine, you can now enjoy all the mileage you need but you gotta look after it to keep it in tip-top shape. 


Worry not, we’ve got your back and have collected 5 important tips that can make a world of difference in the performance of its engine. 

 1.  Keep things clean


Sure, you may remember to wash the exterior of your truck frequently and to tidy the interiors, but when was the last time you cleaned your engine? We’re not saying that you have to give it a bath but it’s highly important that you regularly clean your fuel, your oil, and your air. Your engine will thank you by performing its best for many more years to come.

 2.  Watch out for the coolant


The health of your engine depends on your coolant so make sure you check that it stays clean and at the appropriate levels. You don’t wanna deal with the consequences of an overly acidic coolant that corrodes parts of its system like the radiator. That stuff is expensive and can easily be prevented with regular checks.

3.  Keep up with the oil changes


This doesn’t only affect the longevity of your engine but even its performance on the day-to-day. As soon as your truck has done another 5,000 miles, you should change your oil. If you enjoy your bit of Heavy Towing or hardcore driving, then it might be better to do it even sooner, around every 3,000 miles.

4.  Keep up with the fuel filters changes


No matter how careful of a driver you are, your fuel filters will eventually need replacing. Similar to oil changes, it’s better to do this on the regular and ideally every time you do 10 to 15 thousand miles. It’s just another key requirement that will keep your engine happy for longer.

5. Clean your air filters


Last but not least, check your air filters regularly and if you see some dirt, make sure to change them. You can do this check without even needing to remove the filters. You might be thinking, is this really necessary? And we say yes, it’s another thing that keeps the engine going and that can reduce its lifeline if ignored.


We hope that these tips inspired you to check your truck’s diesel engine more regularly and to keep good care of it. Another thing that can protect your engine and the entire truck is Bumpers - and if you’re ready to add that extra protection to your Front and/or Back, then check out our products. You can even get help with your choice from our expert customer service team either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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