Trucks Gone Wild at SEMA 2018

Trucks Gone Wild at SEMA 2018


The 2018 SEMA Show was held in Las Vegas from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. It was an event for automakers and aftermarket parts manufacturers alike to strut their stuff and get everyone excited for what they have in store.

Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of the show and what people around the web had to say.


Manufacturers Bring Out Their Best

Ranch Hand

SEMA is usually an event where aftermarket manufacturers show off their latest and greatest products. But one Bumper Manufacturer tried something different this year.

For 2018, Ranch Hand decided to feature an older product – one that’s had its share of bumps and bruises. In fact, the truck it was attached to was involved in a major accident: it fell about 70 feet from an overpass!

So why would the company use this as their exhibit? Well, the driver of the truck survived that fall, in no small part thanks to the Ranch Hand Bumper.

Because of the way the truck fell, had the bumper not been installed, it’s likely that the driver would’ve been crushed by the engine when it hit the ground. The bumper stopped that from happening and he was even able to extract himself from his totaled vehicle.

What’s more, the bumper also survived. If it wasn’t mounted to the wrecked truck behind it, you may not even be able to tell that it was involved in such a terrible accident.

Even at an event where you’re surrounded by new and shiny bumpers, there’s nothing quite like seeing what’s tried and tested. Head to Off Road Xtreme for more details.


Over at ARB’s booth was a custom Jeep Wrangler JL kitted with company’s hottest bumpers and accessories. According to ARB’s Facebook Page, it was equipped with “new ARB Bondi Deluxe winch bumper, Rear Bumper, BP-51 adjustable internal bypass suspension, Safari snorkel plus more.”

They also brought out a Chevy Colorado with a Winch Bumpers, racks, and lights. Sure, that might not sound like much but the company says that it’s also equipped with a suspension system that’s coming out soon. Find out more about it Here.

Road Armor


Another manufacturer that had something for the Wrangler JL was Road Armor. They showed off a whole new lineup of bumpers just for the JL. OffRoad Xtreme did a quick interview to get the details on these fully customizable bumpers for all your Jeep needs.

The outdoor exhibit area also featured several custom truck builds. Of course, Road Armor bumpers were there too. The company highlighted their iDentity Line which could be seen on a RAM 2500 and a Ford F-250.

Fab Fours

One of the more interesting builds on display was found at Fab Fours. The manufacturer worked together with Southern Off-Road Specialists to create the Crawler Hauler. 

The Crawler Hauler is a massive truck that has a rock bouncer strapped down to a ramp built right on top of the vehicle. Even with something like that riding on the truck, it still finds room to fit a few 42-inch tires in the truck bed.

The Engine Block has a post-SEMA report about this enormous and one of a kind build as well as some of the other new products that Fab Fours has in store. Definitely go check it out.


Automakers Show Off what’s Possible with Their Trucks

Ford’s Trucks Get Top Honors and More

It’s getting repetitive by now but it’s still worth mentioning: Ford once again nabs Truck of the Year at the SEMA Show. For 2018, the honor goes to the F-Series trucks. This lineup includes the F-150 Raptor, an off-road favorite among many enthusiasts, as well as the large and in-charge Super Duty.

SEMA Car of the Year and Sport Compact of the Year also went to Ford. The Mustang and Focus took those home, respectively. Be sure to read through SEMA’s Announcement to find out the rest of the award winners.

Chevy Wants to Lead the Trail

Ford winning all those awards is impressive but that doesn’t mean other automakers don’t deserve your attention too. Chevy definitely made a case for themselves by bringing their 2019 Silverado 1500 Trail Boss concept out on the showroom floor.

GM Authority has the details on this off-roading machine. While it featured genuine parts and accessories to show off what the brand is capable of, just imagine if you throw in some aftermarket parts into the mix? It’ll be a trail boss indeed!

FCA is Also Up For the Challenge

Another manufacturer that showed off their concept vehicles was Fiat Chrysler. Their Mopar division featured a couple of modified Ram 1500 Trucks.

First off, there was the Ram 1500 Rebel concept which focuses \ on getting the truck ready to run off-road using parts and accessories from the Mopar catalog. The other one was the Ram 1500 Low Down concept which leans towards on-road sportiness.

Car and Driver has a feature that talks about what both vehicles are all about.


Custom Trucks Stood Out At SEMA

Kevin Costner’s Toyota Tundra

At the SEMA show, aside from seeing what manufacturers have to offer, you can also find personalized vehicles that were built for a purpose. One of them is Kevin Costner’s custom Toyota Tundra.

Though it did have necessary the off-road upgrades, it was made to fit Mr. Costner’s needs. This includes being able to use it in his Colorado ranch while taking his family along for the ride. Read more about this exceptional truck at CarBuzz.


A Treat for Every Truck Enthusiast

2018’s SEMA Show has already wrapped up but if you want to see some of the awesome trucks that were put on display, CJ Pony Parts has Put Together a Gallery of the best trucks they found. We have to say, they’ve got good taste!

You’ll find everything from restored classics to massive off-road monsters made by enthusiasts from all over the country. And each one is truly a labor of love.

If you’re feeling inspired after seeing those gorgeous trucks, BumperOnly can help. We carry the latest parts from the top manufacturers who attended the 2018 SEMA Show. Visit out our store to see all the available parts that will get your vehicle ready for off-road trails and showroom pavement.

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