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We Challenge You To Transform Your Truck From Workhorse To Powerhouse



Is there anything more fun than seeing your truck go from an average vehicle that everyone else has, to the beast you’ve always dreamed of driving? Matt Kelly from South Carolina wasn’t interested in owning any traditional looking pick-up truck and delved straight into an amazing transformation that might inspire you to do the same. The vehicle in question is a 2006 Ford F-250 Lariat Crew Cab, his trusty truck that he uses every day for work. Once it approached the five-year mark, Matt wasn’t ready to simply ditch this Ford and replace it with something new.


That’s when he realized that he could simply revamp the same vehicle and turn it into something new while maintaining what he loved about it for the past years. The process itself wasn’t a sprint but more of a gradual change. He began in 2011, by boosting the Ford’s lift with a Fabtech 10-inch Dirt Logic kit. The Dirt Logic reservoir shocks were intended to stabilize the steering, with the 60-inch ladder bars left to control the rear.

He then decided to add a third cover to the Mag-Hytec differential covers he already had in his truck, which he fitted to the oil pan for additional fluid capacity and improved looks.

Up next were the wheels, which Matt replaced with 20x12 KMC Rockstar XD Series and a badass pair of 46x19.5R20LT Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires. Now, no climbing would have been too much for this beast.


Then, it was time to think about both the extra protection and added style of a front and Rear Bumper, and for this occasion, he went for Fab Fours bumpers, painted black to match his overall style.



Lights were up next, and Matt didn’t hesitate to make his new beast of a truck as visible on the road as possible. He added some Anzo headlights, Recon LED taillights, and Anzo off-road LED lightbars and was ready to go drive miles into the night without any visibility issues.


Plus, just in case the truck wasn’t unique enough, he added a custom Keystone Restyling hood.


When it came to upgrading the interior, Matt couldn’t wait to finally enjoy a big sound system.  Jonathan Kurz from Tin Man’s Custom Enclosures and Car Audio, helped him turn that dream into a reality with a huge ’90s-style stereo upgrade. But that wasn’t the only change to the inside - the Ford was turned into a comfortable two-seater, with black and red perforated leather, a custom headliner, and black and red carbon-fiber accents on the dash that match the exteriors.


To finish, Matt covered its cab internals with Dynamat and added three 2400 Kinetic batteries and dual AC Delco alternators to provide all the power needed by this new improved system. It’s safe to say that his trusty old Ford has found a new life with this transformation! All thanks to his imagination and the help of the talented folks at Truck Toyz and Tin Man.


Like Matt Kelly, it’s important to remember about protection when improving the style of any truck. Not only do bumpers ensure that your new badass truck gets out of any sticky situation without a scratch, they also can make your vehicle easily more unique at a lower cost. Check out our Ultimate Bumper Guide to find out which bumper is best for your truck, and feel free to contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 if you need any help or advice.


(Original story published by trucktrend.com - http://www.trucktrend.com/features/1602-asking-what-if-on-this-2006-ford-f-250/ )

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