What is the purpose of a Pre-Runner bumper?

Pre-Runner Bumpers

You might have had a look at a Badass Pre-runner Bumper on a truck and thought ‘wow that looks cool’ but ever thought why a vehicle might actually need to get one? In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of a pre-runner bumper and also give ya some ideas of which types you can get for your truck from our Leading Bumper Brands:

 1. It keeps you safe

Most of all, a pre-runner bumper is great to boost the safety of your truck. The off-road presents all kinds of bumps that risk damaging the front of your vehicle, but a pre-runner guard is there to get you to the other side untouched instead of heading straight into every obstacle. They’re also great to save you from falling straight through a hole and to instead leave you hanging so that someone else could rescue you.


Or even just to keep all bushes, grass, and any nasty stuff away from getting into the truck. This type of bumper helps protect the vehicle itself by securing the radiator away from potential damage and significantly lowering the chances of the front of the engine getting ruined.

 2. It’s versatile


When you get a pre-runner bumper, you’re more likely to be able to use it to mount a winch or to mount as many lights as you need. Ultimately, it sort of combines all of the benefits of a brush guard with the benefits of a Heavy-duty Bumper into one Truck Accessory.

 3. It looks badass


Sure, looks ain’t everything, but the fact that pre-runner bumpers look hella cool on your truck is definitely a bonus point in the dilemma of whether or not you should invest in one. If that’s the look that you’re going for, then it’s definitely worth considering it as it would add a unique touch to your vehicle with little effort.


Pre-runner bumpers from top brands

Iron Cross Hardline Series - This series of bumpers features a push guard and comes with an aggressive design that maintains a low-profile look. It’s compatible with sensors, welcomes a variety of light options, and presents a sleek matte black finish with flat black plates.


Fab Fours with Pre-Runner Guards - This popular bumper brand offers a huge variety of pre-runner bumpers: from the lightweight Vengeance with its ‘High and Tight’ fit, to the aggressive Red Steel that provides more tire clearance, or even the Matrix Series with its lower cutout for increased airflow or the variety of Winch-ready Bumpers with integrated shackle mounts.


Hammerhead with Pre-Runner - This other favorite among truck drivers offers pre-runner bumpers that vary between the Winch-ready ones and the low profile ones. The Winch-ready series welcomes up to 16.5k lbs and has been reinforced for extra strength while maintaining its lightweight design. The low profile series, instead, shows off 0.750” thick shackle mounts that are part of the mounting surface to the frame and remain as reinforced and lightweight as the others.


TrailReady with Pre-Runner - This beloved brand offers pre-runner bumpers in two series: the Line Light series and the Extreme Duty series. The Line Light pre-runner bumpers welcome a variety of light options and are made with a three-piece modular construction, while the Extreme Duty series is uniquely flexible with a snug fit and a 16,500 lbs winch capacity.



Check out the above-mentioned pre-runner bumpers and more in our store, we offer a variety of styles from leading brands at unbeatable prices.

Don’t let the road take you unprepared, get a bumper that can protect both you and your truck - find it today with the help of our Ultimate Bumper Guide where you can get a better idea of which bumper matches your requirements. In need of advice? Get in touch with us via our live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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