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What Makes Aluminum Bumpers Special?

What Makes Aluminum Bumpers Special?

Your trusted road companion deserves only the best, that’s why at BumperOnly we’ve been working on providing you all the top bumpers you can get. As the hardworking driver you probably are, you know how important a good bumper can be for heavy-duty towing and going off-road. Thankfully, you can customize your baby and get the one that is just about perfect for your truck, ready to protect you for many drives to come. So, when the time comes and you have to decide between choosing a bumper made of steel and a bumper made of aluminum, why should you go for the aluminum one?


1.  A lighter alternative


Weighing just ⅓ of the weight of steel, aluminum is the way to go if you’re looking for a simple and effective addition that doesn’t require you to revolutionize your truck. A steel bumper has the kind of weight that will have you rushing to update shocks and springs so that your truck can handle it as you drive all over the place. Make things simple by getting one and enjoy your badass truck exactly as it is right now.

There is a reason why lighter materials are favored over heavier when it comes to space shuttles or airplanes, it’s because with less weight comes more efficiency. So if you wanna fly away on the road, this aluminum boy is the one to go for.

 Whether you’re looking for GMC front bumpers or Dodge ram bumpers, you are guaranteed to find one made of aluminum that will perfectly suit your truck.


2.  Made to last


You’re not getting a bumper to let your truck sleep in the garage, you’re getting one to prepare for some off-road action and protect your buddy from any damage. The last thing you’ll want to keep worrying about as you drive to and from work is taking care of your rusty steel aftermarket front bumper. Change the game by buying an aluminum bumper that can handle all adversities on the road for longer.


3.  Worth the price


If you’re looking to get the best for your truck, you know that a higher price is often an indicator of a better product. Aluminum bumpers will take more dollars out of your wallet than steel ones, but they’ll help you save up long term by keeping as good as new. Making them requires some skills and more material to pound, hence the higher price. If anything, your well-earned cash will be supporting some talented guys who can produce such unique bumpers.

 If you go for a cheaper alternative, you risk having to fork over repairing any small scratches your truck encounters. By spending more in advance, you know that you’ve got something you can rely on as you keep driving with fewer worries on your mind.


4.  A tough appearance

The rugged look provided by an aluminum bumper is irreplaceable. That gleam that announces your presence on the road is something that only this material can offer, that’s why so many pros of the off-road driving seem to prefer them to others.

Plus, you get the same level of customization as a steel one but can toughen up the look of your truck at the same time.

To keep this excellent look going, you have to learn how to best polish your aluminum bumper. To do so, get some grit sandpaper and start sanding to smooth things up. Then proceed by wet sanding it by hand about three times and polish it to make it as shiny as you want it to be.


5.  A bumper that can handle anything

Despite being lighter than steel, aluminum bumpers can still take a hit and face all kinds of collisions, varying from animals to other cars. The key is all on the way it’s constructed. If you get yourself a top of the range aluminum bumper, you won’t have anything to worry about. Plus, if you’re still unsure, you can add rash guards to give it that extra protection.

Ultimately, lightweight aluminum bumpers are the way to go when you’re thinking long term. For example, if you drive a Ford truck, you’ll find it easier to drive with Ford bumpers that leave you with less bulk while you still feel just as safe. While if you drive a Toyota Tacoma, you gotta switch things up with a bumper even just to remove the small guard hanging down that often makes it harder for you to not scrape something as you go about your daily business. Something that top of the range Toyota Tacoma bumpers can give you. Even if you’re looking for Chevy front bumpers, you can still enjoy the durable effect of aluminum.


Which Aluminum Bumpers To Buy

When you’re looking for something resistant and made unique with skills developed over the years, Truck Defender is a top brand that offers you excellent aluminum bumpers at reasonable prices. They’re an American made company that, in perfect American spirit, allows you to have even more freedom in the way you drive your truck on and off-road. They are here to help you save up money while getting extra protection thanks to their aftermarket truck bumpers. You pay for excellence and that will avoid you some costly fees to fix small bumps that you’d otherwise have to spend more to have fixed. Plus, all of their bumpers are designed to match your taste. No need to compromise on the look, you can finally get one that fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of your truck while keeping you safe for longer. 

ICI aluminum magnum bumpers are also an alternative, offering complete bolt-on installation and clean edges that leave you feeling satisfied of your purchase.

Other top brands that sell top of the range bumpers to keep your truck protected and as good as new, are Ranch Hand, Iron Cross, Fab Fours and Hammerhead. Browse the BumperOnly site today to find any type of customized bumper that your vehicle can enjoy, to make it last longer and look even more badass.





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695 reviews

I believe this bumper constructed from high quality steel will give my truck a new look. Durable and super easy to install! With enough man power it can be installed in as little as an hour! I would recommend to anyone!

Great Bumper!

I mounted this on a Toyota Tacoma and the weight did not weigh down the front suspension. I now feel like the front end is very well protected from accident, deer, and maybe even a moose. The thickness is more than adequate to do so, at 5/16" and it has a rhino liner like coating, that helps with rust. I'm very happy with this bumper and recommend it to any Toyota truck driver.

Badass Bumper!!

This bumper looks and feels great on my truck!
It is easy to install. It has a tough looking powdercoat all around. The weld marks (that are only visible from the inside) look very professional. The bumper curves with the body of the truck nicely. It does not weigh the truck down or affect the breaking capability like i thought it would. It Comes with straight forward DIY instructions but keep in mind you will need an extra person to help balance the weight during final install of bigger outer shell.
I also installed the 9,500lb smittybilt 97495 XRC winch with the movable solenoid tucked behind my grill for easy access.
All in all this was a simple DIY install and it significantly changed the look of my tacoma. Since the installation i have gotten a lot of compliments so i would definitely recommend this bumper to any tacoma driver.

The bumper looks great and I am pleased

The bumper looks great and I am pleased. It came with the winch plate assembled, it was a heavy feat to put on even with two people. Warning remove the bottom bolts under your frame that bolt into the bumper before attempting to line it up as it blocks the seating of the front bolts. Also you will not be able to reach two of the front bolts to tighten securely unless you first mount the winch plate part and then the outer shell. The added protection to the front of the vehicle is a huge plus compared to the plastic standard bumper,,, but at a cost of some gas mileage I am sure...

Front bumper

Installed easy except for the fog light brackets and placement. I ended up installing aftermarket lights and it worked out fine. I need to figure out what to do with the holes for the stock lights though!

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