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What you need to consider before buying a steel truck bumpers

What you need to consider before buying a steel truck bumpers


Aftermarket bumpers become very popular recent years, a lot of off-road vehicles owners choose to upgrade their stock bumper to a stronger and more durable aftermarket bumper. However, vehicle owners have to know upgrading front bumpers involve more than just unbolting the OEM stock bumper and bolting with a steel bumper. There are a couple of things vehicle owners need to know before buy an aftermarket steel bumper for their vehicle. 

How will the vehicle be used?

Before consider buying a bumper, you must know how your vehicle performs in different risk level and what activities your vehicle involves most on daily basis. Because each type of bumper is design for the needs, and allow specific vehicles endure most damages in different risk levels. So, knowing how your vehicle used and how likely it is to become damage is very important to choose the right bumper.

What features you want on your steel bumper? 

Depending on your plans to do what activity you want for your vehicle, there were a lot of option features to consider add-on before buy a steel bumper. Off- bumpers usually come with the feature like different types of d-rings, stinger bars, light and grille protection, front or rear winches, brush protection and more. However, you don’t have to have all these features on your off-road activities. Sometimes, winches and D-ring attachment could be useful in many situations. However, the most important aspect is to make sure that the bumper you choose has constructed strong enough to perform in the various risk conditions.

Why mounting is important?

Another important thing to consider before buying an off-road bumper is how to choose the bumper mounts that will allow the bumper fit more precisely. Based on your vehicle specific model, right bracket and hardware is critical to the bumper’s design of high-level protection and durability. Check with us if the mounting needs more than just bracket and certain hardware. Some of custom bumpers might require addition drilling and welding to provide maximum mount strength and durability.  

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Fit and finish is good, came with all the parts. Only gripe I have is how the lights mount. It would be good if they came up with a flexible way to mount them. I had to finagle my own mounts to make it work.
Also wish they had a way to mount a winch like they do on the Titan XD.

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