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Where To Buy Aftermarket Bumpers?



You can buy from body shops, physical stores, or custom parts stores. You can search online and find manufacturer’s phone number and then call their sales representatives. You can buy from big superstores like Carid or Realtruck. You can buy from niche online stores like us who specializes in selling bumpers years after years. Or if you have connections, you can buy directly from people who know someone that works for the biggest distributors. 


Where to buy aftermarket bumpers?

How to buy aftermarket bumpers without being scammed? In this article, we will discuss all the places where you can buy an aftermarket bumper for your truck. Average Aftermarket Truck Bumper cost $1200. Make sure to do the proper research before pulling that trigger. Finding a good deal should always be your #1 priority. But you have to be careful so you won’t receive a used or damaged bumper when shopping. Don’t worry, we covered all the resources where you can buy aftermarket bumpers with their pros and cons. 


1. Buying an aftermarket bumper from physical stores and body shops. 

    What's really good about buying your aftermarket bumper from a physical store is that there's no hustle. These stores will do all the work for you including installation. For some people, they feel less stressed to deal with a physical store because of trust issues rather than dealing with someone online and unable to see their faces. 

    Also, you can always talk to people in the shop and ask their opinions about each bumper type. Some people prefer this way. They don’t like to talk with people over the phone or through chat. 

    However, their prices are usually high since they have to pay for the rent and labor cost. This is the main reason why 90% of people chooses to shop their Aftermarket Bumpers Online. Our suggestion is to buy an aftermarket bumper from physical stores only if you are uncomfortable purchasing online and have lots of budget in upgrading your bumper.


    2. Buying an aftermarket bumper directly from manufacturers. 


    You can also go and buy directly from manufacturers, but this doesn’t apply to all brands. For top and well known brands like Ranch Hand Bumpers, Fab Fours Bumpers, or Steelcraft Bumpers, you can only buy directly from their distributors and retailers. For some small to medium size manufacturers, they do sell the bumpers directly to the customers for fair price. The good thing is that they know their products better than everyone else! However, you have to understand that they are manufacturers and what are they good at? Manufacturing high quality products! Most of the time they have no resources or time to support you, or to answer the phone calls like our retailers do. For some small manufacturers, you will probably deal directly with the owners and will find it hard to reach out to them or even if you find them, they can be rude sometimes. Don’t take it personally! Because they are so busy doing the welding and cutting job with their people. If you have tons of questions about your order and your priority is always looking for the best deal, then ordering directly from the manufacturer might not be a good choice for you.


    3.Buying an aftermarket bumper directly from online superstores?


      How about Buying Parts from those big online superstores? It sounds like a good plan because they are usually big enough to have all the resources to support you. Most of the time, they have good customer support who can answer your questions patiently but don’t know too much about bumpers…. Why is this? It’s because they sell so many auto parts! They sell exterior and interior parts, tires, lifting kit, etc. They have hundreds of customer representatives and each of them have to take care at least hundreds to thousands of SKUs or items. Every time you ask for help, you have to spend at least 10-15 minutes waiting, connecting and introducing. Familiar with those generic answers? Most of the time it doesn't make sense to you and there’s no personal connection at all. If you did your homework and know exactly what you want to get, and you know how to handle issues yourself when things go wrong, or you want to purchase multiple parts in one shop, then these superstores might be a good choice. For the price, it should be better compared to physical stores and manufacturers, considering they have buying power. However, their overhead is also large so you might get a good deal only from their holiday specials. 

      4. Buying an aftermarket bumper directly from forums or FB groups. 

      The best scenario would be buying aftermarket bumpers from forums or Facebook groups. This might take time, finding the right people, group or forum. But be reminded that you don't know them very well. You don’t want to end up buying bumpers from online scammers. If you're looking for an extreme good deal, this might be your #1 option. They don’t have to advertise and can just sell at a very low price. You can build this connection via Facebook groups and forums. You can start shopping aftermarket bumpers thru direct messages and get an unbeatable price... most of the time.

      5. Buying an aftermarket bumper directly from specialized stores. 

        If you are looking for a place that can balance the price, trust, service, and expertise, then consider shopping your Aftermarket Truck Bumper from bumper specialized stores. Bumperonly.com is one of them and has been in the business for years. It’s easy to shop from stores like us! You don’t have to spend time researching in Facebook groups or Forums, and we don’t advertise crazy like those superstores. Our bumpers prices are based on MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) rule, but we do give special deals to people who have built a personal connection with us over the phone or through our private chats. Since we have been in the business and sell only bumpers for years, our staff have tons of experiences regarding bumper lines and we know very well each and every manufacturer that we carry, from their product specifications and warranties. No matter how small or big the manufacturer is, they all like us because we know how to serve their customers well, so they just focus on manufacturing the badass products. When you shop in a specialized store like us, don’t forget to checkout their customer reviews and see what other people says about the bumpers they have purchased and how’s their experience in shopping. Check out BumperOnly.com reviews by clicking the link below.



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