Who makes the best truck bumpers?

Who makes the best truck bumpers?

Choosing the best Aftermarket Rear Bumper for your truck is a decision that can’t be taken lightly. Nowadays, the internet allows you to order and try out products of all kinds from any brand you can think of, which while it can be great to have such a wide selection, makes it tricky for you to figure out which option is best for your vehicle. So, if you’re looking for a good old reliable American made truck bumper that can do its job and last longer than you can ever imagine, we’ve compiled a list of brands that offer only the best.

Steelcraft Bumpers

An exceptional American brand that started out in 1998 in the heart of Southern California, Steelcraft prides itself on being the premier manufacturer of trucks and SUV accessories. Their expertise is one of the most unbeatable in the country, offering products made by guys with hundreds of years of experience in the field. If you got yourself one of the latest trucks available, you know you can trust them to already have developed some new excellent Accessories that can upgrade your truck from good to exceptional in a flash.  


The Steelcraft Elevation Front Bumper Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2019 60-12260 is especially a thing of beauty. Made out of flat steel and finished with a powder-coated matte texture, this bumper is so good at its job that it offers you a 2-year warranty to help you keep it as great as it was on the first day. What makes it so popular is both the appealing look that perfectly matches with any truck and the strength in materials, providing you premium protection and keeping any rusting issues right behind you. This one-piece fully welded design will make you wonder why you ever drove your GMC truck without GMC Bumpers like this. 

People who have previously purchased this have especially enjoyed it due to how easy it can be installed, how good it looks on their vehicles and the level of protection that it offers at all times.

Hammerhead Bumpers

A more recent brand that doesn’t shy away from producing excellent bumpers is Hammerhead, a company that started out in 2008 by employees of Hol-Mac corporation. The latter is famous for offering high-quality heavy equipment and that level of dedication and hard work has clearly been passed onto Hammerhead too. Their specialty is producing bumpers that can be bolt directly to a vehicle’s frame, without any drilling or welding necessary. Each product is properly American made, hailing from Bay Springs, Mississippi. 


If you’re looking for the hassle-free and strong as hell bumper of your dreams, then the Hammerhead 600-56-0478 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 Rear Bumper Flush Mount with Sensors is going to be the one for you. Made out of 1/4" plate steel and with a beautiful 2 stage black powder coat, this bumper was designed to tackle all kinds of on-road and off-road driving. It’s light as a feather and yet it’s been reinforced to be so strong that it could handle a match against Rocky Balboa. Other customers have been loving this brand for how easy it is to install the bumpers, requiring you to only get a chain pulley and needing only max 86 minutes to get it all done and dusted. They make the kind of Dodge Ram bumpers that allow you to feel protected and safe in all situations and for many years to come.

People who previously bought this bumper love it because of how heavy duty it is, how strong and cool it looks when mounted onto their vehicles and the top level of craftsmanship and detail that went into producing it. It’s especially recommended for those who are looking for heavy-duty protection that matches with the badass look of their trucks. 

Ranch Hand Bumpers 

One of the oldest brands around that never stops offering exceptional bumpers is Ranch Hand, which started out in 1986 in a small shop in South Texas. From there, they’ve conquered the nation by delivering great truck accessories to tens of thousands of vehicles. You and your truck driving buddies are always at the heart of this company, which keeps you all protected with some of the sturdiest products around that have been built by Americans with years of experience in design and manufacturing. They’re always on the lookout to come up with the best solution to any of your problems, designing bumpers that have been made specifically for your truck. So that any Toyota Tacoma Bumpers were designed to perfectly fit a Toyota Tacoma.

Initially designed for trucks that are ¾ heavy because of its reduced weight and now popular across all vehicles, the Ranch Hand FSD061BL1 2006-2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Summit Series Front Bumper is here to provide you some exceptional wrap-around protection. Made of diamond plate steel and finished with a durable powder coat that offers superior corrosion resistance, it’s one of the strongest and most loved bumpers around. Plus, it’s easy to install and from one look you can tell that this top quality will allow you to benefit from this bumper for many years to come.

A satisfying bumper that people love for how secure it makes them feel, how good it looks and how reliable the material is.

Other Brands

While the brands listed above get a special mention, companies like Warn and Fab Fours also deserve some credit for producing some excellent aftermarket front bumpers. Always providing bumpers made out of high-quality steel and with a powder coat finish that keeps them as good as they looked on their first day, no matter how often you drive in difficult weather and road conditions.

At BumperOnly.com  we offer you the chance to browse all the bumpers mentioned above and even more, making your decision on which bumper is best for you, even easier than ever before. Whether you are looking for Ford Bumpers or Chevy Bumpers, we have something for you that will keep your vehicle and yourself protected for decades. 

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