Your Ultimate Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Shopping Guide

Your Ultimate Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Shopping Guide

Your Ultimate Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Shopping Guide

You rely on your truck to get you anywhere, as such it’s no wonder that you’d want to consider all available options before adding something new to it. The importance of a good bumper is no mystery, they’re what ensure that your truck stays untouched by any obstacles of the road, especially when you make a turn off-road. Get a good one and your truck will stay as good as new for years to come, get a bad one and you’ll be regretting chucking any cash at it.

Here at, we dedicated time to research each bumper option available to you and collect all information in this one blog post. No need for you to spend hours searching each detail about every bumper you once heard about, we know that you’re busy. This guide is all you need to then take the important decision of which bumper to buy for your truck.

Aluminum bumpers

You and your buddies have probably argued before about which is better: aluminum or steel. As sleek looking as steel can be if you’re looking for something light as a feather but tough as a rock, then aluminum is your best option. They resist corrosion, look just as good, and will keep you as safe as you need. We think that you really should give aluminum a chance, let’s have a look at these top 2 contenders in aluminum bumpers manufacturing:

Truck Defender Aluminum Front Bumper Chevy Silverado 1500 2007-2013 Standard Polished 1C-0713

Truck Defender - Anything hitting these bumpers will instantly regret it, as they’re made of tough yet flexible marine-grade aluminum. These were made to protect and take as many punches as they come. While the look might not be everyone’s taste, it could still spice up an old Toyota Tacoma looking for a more aggressive appearance.

Ali Arc Aluminum Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 2007-2010 Front Bumper With Rake CHR191

Ali Arc - If you’re rather worried about how the bumper you get will look on top of your shiny new Chevy Silverado, then you’ll be pleased to see the design of these ones. Looking good on anything, they’re made of extruded high-tensile aluminum and stay lighter than the Truck Defender bumpers. Not as American as you might want it, as they’re a Canadian brand, but still worth a go.


Aftermarket Bumpers With Full Grill Guard

For that extra room of protection, aftermarket bumpers with full grill guard will shield every inch of your truck’s front, including the headlights. You might be wondering if they are really worth all the fuss or just an aesthetic feature, and it’s true that some can be more focused on that than the quality, but the ones we recommend personally listed down below were made to take any impact (while also looking quite badass).

Ranch Hand FBC201BLR 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD/3500HD Legend Series Front Bumper

Ranch Hand Legend Bumper Series - This brand’s famous for making beefy looking bumpers who are the real deal. They are made to save you and your truck from anything, with a powerful grille guard crafted out of 12-gauge steel tubing for extra toughness. Plus, it won’t break your bank. Our customers especially love how easy they are to install.

Hammerhead 600-56-0274 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 2015-2018 X-Series Front Bumper Winch Ready

Hammerhead Bumper  X Series - With these guys, you get a brush guard made with 1.75″ x 0.120″ wall tubing and light yet powerful bumper overall. If you want something for your Ford F150 that does its job but doesn’t stick out too much, then this is for you. “This is a bumper that would make the Punisher proud, talk about a solid steel bumper!”, said our customer Bryan Martin about this bumper series.

Road Armor Stealth 61743B-NW 2017-2018 Ford F450/F550 Superduty Front Non-Winch Bumper Intimidator, Black Finish and Square Fog Light Hole

Road Armor Bumper Stealth Series with Full Grill Guard Option - For when you wanna keep safe but also have a sporty look that others will envy you. Heavy-duty, so not the lightest around, with a guard welded with precision. They are on the most expensive side but if you got the cash, they are worth every penny.

Steelcraft HD Front Grille Guard Toyota Tundra 2007-2019 50-3380

Steelcraft Bumper HD Series - To keep your Toyota Tundra looking good and safe, this bumper series offers some impressive options. Off-road obstacles will get out of the way before you get near them with this terrifyingly solid punch plate grill. Their prices are hard to beat and they fit like a glove.


Aftermarket Bumpers with Pre-runner guard

Bumpers have got you busy thinking about the major problems you can meet on the road, but what about those annoying minor collisions that scratch your paint and ruin your beast of a truck? To keep things intact, a pre-runner guard is your savior. Don’t underestimate those problems, we have some excellent options that can save your truck in no time:

Ranch Hand BSF111BL1 2011-2016 Ford F250/F350/F450/F550 Superduty Summit BullNose Series Front Bumper

Ranch Hand Bullnose - You can’t go wrong with this brand, their bullnose series is master crafted out of 12-gauge diamond plate steel and ready to roll. The pre-runner guard is solid and uniquely designed to make you stand out. “Excellent job on making this heavy-duty bumper. Fit perfect on the 2011 Ford F150.”, says our customer, Constant Quinlan.

Iron Cross 62-615-19 Dodge Ram 1500 2019 Hardline Front Bumper With Push Bar

Iron Cross Hardline - Keeping the profile low but the excellence high, this brand’s bumper series stays simple yet effective at surviving what you might meet on your journeys. Its pre-runner guard is no stranger to keeping deer away from damaging your truck, and it’s bound to keep you going for years.

Fab Fours GM07-K2162-1 GMC Sierra 1500 2007-2013 Black Steel Front Bumper Pre-Runner Guard with Tow Hooks

Fab Fours Premium - All the front-end protection you need with a solid pre-runner guard crafted by true professionals. If you want to get the killer look of the moment with durable steel construction, this series is for you. “A well-constructed replacement for the plastic junk my truck came with. The welds are well done, and the coating appears flawless and well done.”, Thomas L. Struckman, customer, and driver of GMC Canyon.

Fab Fours GC15-D3452-1 GMC Canyon 2015-2019 Vengeance Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard

Fab Fours Vengeance - For a solid 75lbs pre-runner guard but a sleeker-looking design, this series is as light as you need it to be and with a lower cut to easily tow. Our customers love these ones for how easy to install they are, their durability, and great price.

Fab Fours DR10-X2952-1 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 Matrix Front Bumper Winch Ready Pre-Runner Guard

Fab Fours Matrix - Your ideal slim-fitting steel option, if you ever needed one. Ready to take on anything, we recommend this series for when you want the same level of protection that Fab Fours offers but with a simpler design that blends with your beast of a truck.

Hammerhead 600-56-0271 Dodge Ram 1500 2013-2018 Front Bumper Winch Ready Pre-Runner

Hammerhead Armor Bumpers - Badass designs, solid finish, and as rugged as you could dream of. The steel plate build with added pre-runner guard is bound to keep you safe, while also giving a sick looking addition to your truck. “Sits right, fit right, quality is some of the best there is. The aggressive stance, no movement when using a winch.”, says our customer and Dodge Ram driver, Kevin.

TrailReady 10200P Chevy Silverado 1500 1988-1999 Extreme Duty Front Bumper Winch Ready with Pre-Runner Guard

Trailready Bumpers - Made to fear nothing on the road, their pre-runner guards offer unique winch access. Giving you a snug fit like never before thanks to the flexible mounting option. Our customers love this brand for its quality and great price.


Aftermarket bumpers with no guard

 If the look of a pre-runner or full grill guard is not for you, then you can enjoy the seamless design of bumpers without either. Could be that your truck’s front is perfect as it is and you only want a touch of extra toughness and protection, then we recommend the following brands that do that job perfectly:


Iron Cross bumpers with Base Option - Badass looking and resistant to all obstacles, this bumper brand works just as well without the guard. They’re 10 gauge steel throughout, seamlessly blend with the look of your truck and keep you safe in no time. “Looks good and built nicely. All welds are tight and the powder coat is perfect! Easy install.”, says Kevin P. about them, GMC Sierra driver and BumperOnly customer.

Fab Fours DR19-X4451-1 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2019 Matrix Front Bumper Winch Ready No Guard

Fab Fours bumpers - As heavy-duty as they get, this brand’s no guard designs stay high and tight, perfectly contouring your truck’s front. Built with steel that doesn’t quit, our customers love them for how easy they are to mount and how they look solid on most trucks.


ADD Stealth Fighter - The guys at ADD never disappoint, and their no guard bumpers meet the expectations. Made of the tough steel plate and proudly American. They are more on the expensive side but are worth every penny. Robert, one of our customers, says about them: “Looks great, actually beefier in real life. Gave me plenty of clearance for 35’s or 37’s. Quality built with perfect fit on the Titan XD.”


Aftermarket Truck Winch Bumpers

Life’s busy, and nobody who spends the day towing cargo for work should have to face the disappointment of bumpers that are not winched ready. Even more, if you carry a certain amount of weight, you’ll wanna know if the bumper is up for the challenge or not. To save you some time, we’ve listed our recommendations for winch bumpers:


Ranch Hand Bumper Legend Series - A leader in the market, this brand’s winch bumpers accept up to 16.5k lbs. Sturdy and good-looking bumpers overall, they are a favorite for a reason. Our customers love how easy they are to install and how tough they are.


Iron Cross Bumper HD Series - Able to accept up to 12.5k lbs, this one’s the perfect bumper series for when you want something light but solid. They match great with your trucks and allow you to keep working and towing all you want with no problems.


Fab Fours Bumper Premium Series - Aggressive looking and crafted out of durable steel, this bumper series lets you mount up to a 12k lbs winch. GMC Canyon driver and BumperOnly customer says about these bumpers: “Excellent build, quality, and finish. Perfect fit.”


Warn Ascent Bumpers - Welcoming most types of winches up to 12,000 lbs, this brand’s design sits high and gives you both max ground clearance and approach angles. Mean looking and the kind of bad boy you’d trust as a long-term working companion. Our customer Christian, who drives a Chevy Silverado, says: “Nice bumper and solid winch! Brought my rig to a whole new level!”


Best Deer guard for trucks

Y’all must be familiar with how much of a pain in the backside a sudden deer appearance can be while you’re peacefully driving on the road and minding your business. Even worse when your truck’s not ready to face them and gets a dent out of the clash. Say never again to that issue, we recommend the following bumpers to keep your beast of a truck safe and sound:


Ranch Hand Bumper Replacement with Full Grill Guard - Its 12-gauge diamond plate steel gives you the max protection you need to face any deer. It’s welded as a sturdy one-piece with a full ultimate front defense. Our customers love them for how easy they are to install and how great the quality is.


Frontier Full Bumper Replacement with Full Grill Guard - Featuring a badass heavy-duty one-piece design, this bumper series is so mean-looking that deer will be too scared to come near them. Its snug fit makes it perfectly match your truck and the grill guard is fully welded for total protection.


Buckstop Bumper Replacement with Full Grill Guard - Designed for animal strikes, this bumper series offers solid construction with excellent powder coating quality. No deer will be able to leave as much of a scratch on your bumper. Badass looking and easy to install.


Hammerhead Armor Bumper Replacement X Series with Full Grill Guard - Get a solid brush guard made of 1.75” x 0.120” wall tubing on a thick plate steel bumper and you’re safe to go anywhere without ever worrying about deer. The guys at Hammerhead know what they’re doing even in this situation.


Classic Ranch Style Diamond Steel Bumpers

If you work in a ranch, then you need a solid bumper that lets you easily tow what you need while also matching the classic style of your truck. You can’t be expected to drive around with a bumper design that makes ya look like a sissy, your reputation has to stay intact. With the bumpers we recommend below, you’re gonna become the envy of your town and other ranch workers in an instant:


Ranch Hand Bumpers - The combo of your truck with one of these bumpers makes other cars look like tin cans. From the name of this brand, you can already expect to find exactly the kind of style someone working in ranches can love. Bill H, our customer, and Ford F150 driver say about these bumpers: “This thing is a beast! Adding the Ranch Hand bumper balanced things out nicely.”


Frontier Gear Bumpers - Sleeker looking than Ranch Hand but still not afraid to get dirty, this brand’s bumpers are made out of heavy-duty diamond plate welded as a one-piece design. Max protection to keep safe while working and a great style.


Thunder Struck Bumpers - Heavy-duty steel construction that withstands anything the road throws at you, these bumpers have the classic ranch look with a modern and solid build. Our customer and Ford F250 driver, Jeremy, says: “I’m glad that I’ve invested in this bumper. It’s heavy-duty, hard-wearing, and robust. It helps me explore even the roughest trail.”


Fab Fours Black Steel Bumpers - Great quality and best price point in the market, these bumpers are designed with a classic look but modern finish that guarantees they last long. Spice things up with your Toyota Tundra and one of these aggressive-looking bumpers.


Badass Smooth Steel Truck Bumpers

Whether you’re keeping busy working outdoors or driving around exploring, a bumper that is just as sleek looking and solid as your truck would make the perfect match to keep you and your road companion safe. Even better if it’s so badass that other drivers would fear touching it, the following bumper brands are what we recommend for this style:


Road Armor Bumpers - For when you’re not afraid to show off, this brand’s bumpers are sleek in design and can add an aggressive appearance to any truck. Once you bolt one of these bad boys on, you’ll be the envy of the town.


Iron Cross Bumpers - Lower in profile but just as badass, the designs offered from this brand match with both lifted and non-lifted trucks. A cool style that blends well with your vehicle, attracting positive looks from all passers-by.


Fab Fours Vengeance Bumpers - As smooth steel as you need it, these bumpers offer a “high and tight fit” that contours your truck. The perfect badass addition if you’re looking for something that stays light yet durable.


Fab Fours Premium Bumpers - If you’re a fan of a more classic look, this other bumper series from this brand is made from premium steel and built with excellence. Whether you like your bumper with a touch of black powder or bare steel, there is something for every truck driver.


Steelcraft Bumpers - This brand’s not new to the business of bumpers and they’ve been constantly delivering badass looking and top-quality ones. They differ from others with their punched plate grill and a durable e-coating option from the classic black powder coating.


Trailready Bumpers - A compact aggressive look with double powder coating that is both protective against corrosion and adds an extra cool factor. Built with durable and quality steel plates, and ready to fit your preferred lighting options.


Buckstop Bumpers - These bumpers offer modern designs with a clean look made out of quality steel. Available with grill guard tubing in front of the headlights for max protection and a more aggressive look overall.


Hammerhead Bumpers - Another leader in the market, this brand knows how to provide badass designs to truck owners in the country. Their bumpers are designed to face everything off-road and on the road, while also standing out with unique, modern, and cool designs.


Off-Road Racing Truck Bumpers

If you’re one of those brave souls that fear nothing and enjoy a bit of off-road racing, then you’re gonna be looking for something truly unique. Aggressive in design, to dominate the path, and that can take a punch. We recommend the following bumpers to stay cool and intimidate the other racers:


ADD Off-Road Bumpers - Get the support you need for more hardcore wheeling while keeping safe with one of these bad boys. Low in profile, easy to install, and with a truly mean look. Our customer and Dodge Ram driver, Leroy Dole, says: “My truck just looks like a beast. I love it.”

ARB 2262030 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 2015-2018 Modular Base Front Bumper Winch Ready

ARB 4X4 Off-Road Bumpers - Bumpers you can truly rely on as you tackle the roughest of terrains. A complete replacement to the piece of plastic you got when you first bought your truck, it can handle anything hitting it and keep you going safely. Our customer and Toyota Tacoma driver, Eric Olsen, says: “Very high-quality bumper and well-thought-out design. Quality welds, proper strength steel for bumper and tubes, without being excessive with weight.”

N-Fab T141MRDS Toyota Tundra 2014-2018 M-RDS Front Bumper Pre-Runner

N-Fab Bumpers - Your lightest option that doesn’t sacrifice the durability and style of the bumpers, made from brushed aluminum skid plate. An aggressive look that doesn’t slow you down nicely blends with your truck’s frame and keeps you protected.


Heavy-Duty Texas Truck Bumpers

When you’re looking for excellent quality and badass designs crafted by experts, you can count on Texas-born bumpers. Drivers from that state know the true importance of having your truck ready to face obstacles on and off-road. Below we’ve listed the pride of Texas in bumpers manufacturing:

Ranch Hand MFF18HBM1 2018-2020 Ford F150 Midnight Series Front Bumper with Grille Guard

Ranch Hand Bumpers - Born from a small shop in south Texas, they are now one of the leading brands in the market. Experts in heavy-duty bumpers, their craftsmanship is top-quality, like the materials they use. Proudly made in Shiner and Beeville, you can’t go wrong with these guys.


Road Armor Bumpers - These Texans were the first to come up with sleek looking smooth steel bumpers. Their heavy-duty bumpers are as brave as the next American man, engineered by experts and with the latest technology. Plus, each purchase from them supports veteran's communities.

 Frontier 130-11-7005 Ford F250/F350 Superduty 2017-2019 Pro Front Bumper with Short Receiver

Frontier Bumpers - Crafted from heavy-duty diamond plate, this brand’s another one that proudly makes its products in Texas. Each one offers all the protection and style you need, made with true American passion and dedication. They’re something you can be truly proud of.

 American Built H3D23102 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 Heavy Duty Pipe Front Bumper Winch Ready with Sensor

American Built Bumpers - Dallas-based and proud, this Texan brand offers superior designs at incredibly affordable prices. You can even get them as lightweight as you want them, always offering a high level of protection and a “no-bolt” installation.

 Tough Country BG2015FE Grille Guard Ford F150 2015-2016

Tough Country - Exactly as tough as you’d expect them to be, this family-run brand based in El Campo has a history of providing excellent heavy-duty bumpers to all kinds of trucks. Unique in design, they were made to work great both when you work at the ranch or explore the city.


N-Fab - Based in Houston, this brand’s other leader in the bumper industry making some proper durable bad boys. Crafted into a fully-welded construction and offering aggressive badass looks. They’re gonna fit like a glove on your truck.


Instagram Trending Style Bumpers for lifting truck

Those sick looking monster trucks you often see on social media are truly impressive, even more, when they’re matched with the perfect badass bumper. If you’ve got one of these famous beasts or are looking to get one, then we recommend combining them with the following top-bumpers:

Fab Fours GR4000-1 Chevy Silverado 1500 2019 Grumper Front Bumper Winch Ready Integrated Sensor Holes

Fab Fours Grumper - The true definition of “unique”, these bumpers are bound to make an impression. Fierce in design, it perfectly integrates full-grill and headlight protection. Something that even Ghost Rider himself would find badass.

 Road Armor Stealth 617F3Z-NW 2017 Ford F250/F350 Superduty Front Non-Winch Bumper Intimidator, Raw Finish and Square Fog Light Hole

Road Armor Intimidator - A bumper series that does what it says on the package, other drivers will surely be intimidated by the cool design of these ones. It’s the kind of look that lets you truly dominate the road. Expensive but worth every penny, you’re not gonna need another bumper after this one.

 Bodyguard CEC11BNT Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 2011-2014 A2 Extreme Front Bumper Winch Ready

Bodyguard A2 Bumper Series - If you’re still looking for a unique design that is not as over the top as the others, then this series is for you. More classic, but still just as badass. Nothing will be able to get near your truck.

 ADD F181192860103 Ford F150 2018-2020 Stealth Fighter Front Bumper Non-Winch

ADD Stealth Fighter - You can see how well-made the design is from a first look. It perfectly blends with your truck while still showing off its awesome look. If you’re searching for something epic that best matches the original design of your truck, then this is your best option.


Affordable & Cheap Bumpers

A low budget doesn’t equal garbage bumpers. No matter what some of your mates would tell ya, you can still get a pretty good bumper without going broke over it. That’s exactly what we’re about to prove to you with our below recommendation for the best affordable bumpers:

Body Armor TC-19337 Toyota Tacoma 2016-2018 Desert Series Front Bumper Winch Ready

Body Armor Bumpers - Crafted with thick steel plate and protected with double powder coat finish, these bumpers will get you from A to B with no scratches. Despite being cheaper, it can still handle the challenges of off-road driving. Our customer and Toyota Tacoma driver, Anthony, says: “The weight did not weigh down the front suspension. I now feel like the front end is well-protected from accident, deer, and maybe even a moose.”

 Thunder Struck Smooth Elite Ford F250/F350 Superduty 2017-2019 Front Bumper FSD17-200SM

Thunder Struck Bumpers - Proudly using only American-made steel, this brand crafts its bumpers with the latest available technology. Truly heavy-duty, you can trust it to go anywhere and last years. Our customer and Ford F250 driver, Jeremy, says: “I’m glad that I’ve invested in this bumper. It’s heavy-duty, hard-wearing, and robust. It helps me explore even the roughest trails.”

 Steelcraft Dodge Ram 1500 2019-2020 Elevation Front Bumper 60-12270C

Steelcraft Bumpers - Made of flat steel and finished with e-coating, these bumpers offer a wrap-around design for superior front-end protection. Featuring a full-welded design bound to last a lifetime. Our customer and Dodge Ram driver, Matthew, says: “Great design, very sturdy for the price. Worth the money.”


Luxury & Expensive Bumpers

If you wanna go all-out with your bumper purchase and money isn’t a worry, then we’ve got some truly unique options for you. The following products are great not only for durability but also for the ultimate badass look anyone will envy you:

Fab Fours GR3800-1 Chevy Silverado 1500 2016-2018 Grumper Front Bumper Winch Ready Integrated Sensor Holes

Fab Fours Grumpers - You might have to save up a few paychecks for this one but it’s worth every penny. It instantly gives that badass monster truck looks to any vehicle with a grille and bumper combo and an integrated skid plate. So aggressive that the headlights look like angry eyes. Its price range varies from $2k to about $3k.

 Road Armor Stealth 617F3B-NW 2017-2018 Ford F250/F350 Superduty Front Non-Winch Bumper Intimidator, Black Finish and Square Fog Light Hole

Road Armor Intimidator - On the most expensive end of your budget, this brand’s series was made to let everyone know who’s the King of the road. Welded with high-precision, nothing can get close enough to it to make even a small dent. Its price range goes from about $5k to $6k.

ADD F117432860103 Ford F150 Raptor Honeybadger 2017-2020 Front Bumper with EcoBoost Venting and 40'' LED Light Bar Mounts

ADD Honeybadger - For when you want to invest in real quality without all the bling of monster truck bumpers, this brand’s series is for you. They perfectly fit with your Ford or Dodge Ram, are crafted from the kind of steel plating that never quits, and can be a direct bolt-on. Its price range goes as cheap as $1,500 and as high as nearly $3k.

Road Armor Stealth 37602Z 2008-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Front Winch Ready Bumper Titan II Grille Guard, Raw Finish and Round Fog Light Hole

Road Armor Stealth Bumpers - Aggressive in looks, truly unique, and made to handle anything that the off-road can throw at you. The higher price to pay is for how much of a piece of art these bumpers are, crafted with precision and attention to detail. One of these bad boys goes for between $1,500 and $3k.

TrailReady 10720G Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 2015-2018 Extreme Duty Front Bumper Winch Ready with Full Guard

Trailready Extreme Duty Winch Bumpers with Full Guard - As functional and badass as you need a bumper to be, this brand’s series is crafted out of top-quality steel with double powder coating for ultimate protection. Tough as a rock, combine that with an aggressive look and you’re sorted. Its price is in the range of $2k.


Low Profile Bumpers

Looking to sort out your low profile truck with the perfect match in bumpers? No need to go through a sea of bumper options that were not made for a low profile. Check out the following recommendations to find the ideal solution for your road beast:

ADD F013832940103 Ford F150 Raptor 2010-2014 Lite Front Bumper with 10 Dually Mounts Hammer Black

ADD lite Series - This brand’s series works like magic with a Ford Raptor. Perfectly hugging the front of your truck, these bumpers feature a low profile skid plate that stays out of the truss and leaves you room to install a suspension kit. Easy to install and incredible quality.

ADD F011032520103 Ford F150 Raptor 2010-2014 Stealth Fighter Front Bumper with Satin Black Panels | No Winch Mount

ADD Stealth Fighter - Made to keep you driving no matter what, this bumper series gives you the low profile you need to be crafted from a durable wall steel tube. A beauty to look at and seriously trustworthy. Our customer and Ford F150 driver, Peyton, says: “A great add-on for the Raptor! It is very well-made and sturdy.”

Please note that most other ADD bumpers offer a low profile option, you can choose whichever you want based on your budget and style preferences.

Bodyguard CAG15BYT GMC Sierra 2500/3500 2015-2019 A2 Base Front Bumper Winch Ready

Bodyguard A2 Series - As low profile as you need it to be and light as a feather, this bumper series is both innovative in design and made to last a lifetime. Light brackets and skid plates can be directly bolted on your frame.

N-Fab F042LRSP Ford F150 2004-2008 RSP Front Bumper Pre-Runner

N-Fab Bumpers - Most of this brand’s bumpers have a low profile and are designed to allow for lights, skid plates, and winch with no issues. You can notice the expertise that went into making these bad boys from the details. These bumpers offer you all you need while keeping an aggressive appearance.

Fab Fours JK07-D1851-1 Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2019 Vengeance Front Bumper No Guard

Fab Fours Vengeance - Lightweight and stylish, this bumper series offers a lower cut out to provide airflow to intercoolers. Alongside towing and pulling all you need with no issues. They all perfectly contour your truck’s frame and are available with or without a guard. Our customer and Jeep Wrangler driver, James, says: “Everything I expected from Fab Fours. Excellent fit and finish. Looks amazing.”

 Iron Cross 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 Low Profile Front Bumper 40-525-03

Iron Cross Low Profile Series - This leading brand has a whole series dedicated to low profile bumpers. Designed to fit like a glove, they’re crafted from 10 gauge steel and stay slim while accommodating all kinds of lighting options. Finished with black powder coating for the ultimate protection.

Road Armor Identity 6114DF-A1-P3-MD-BH Ford F450/F550 Superduty 2011-2016 Front Bumper (Ford Superduty F450 Or F250/F350 if equipped with Aftermarket Pocket Flares)

Road Armor Identity Series Bumpers - A leading brand in the market, this bumper series is all aggressive styles with lower designs. The lower winch plate improves the airflow while you can choose from a multitude of lighting options to try out. High-quality steel material for a durable effect.


Aggressive, Tough & Real deal

Whether you wanna scare off annoying neighbors or let other drivers know who dominates the road, the following bumpers are the real deal. They got a mean look that makes you fear to look at them too long and you just know that nothing will ever touch them. Here’s what we recommend:

ARB 3462020 Chevy Silverado 1500 2003-2006 Deluxe Front Bumper Winch Ready with Grille Guard, Black Powder Coat Finish

ARB 4X4 Full Deluxe Front Bumper Winch Ready With Grille Guard - Everything you could wish for in one single bumper. You get a durable steel construction with a unique design that makes your beast of a truck look tougher than ever before. One of these would keep you going even during an apocalypse.

TrailReady 12315G Ford F250/F350 Superduty 2011-2016 Extreme Duty Front Bumper Winch Ready with Full Guard

Buckstop C9OB Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 2011-2014 Outback Front Bumper Winch Ready with Tow Hooks

TrailReady 12100G Ford F450/F550 Superduty 1992-1998 Extreme Duty Front Bumper Winch Ready with Full Guard

Buckstop / Trailready Full Grill Guard, Outback Series, Extreme Duty Series - Whichever look seems more badass to you, all of those series offer tough as nails bumpers (both in quality and appearance). They’re made to dominate rough terrains and fear nothing. You get an aggressive compact look with heavy-duty steel construction.

 Road Armor Stealth 38205B 2011-2014 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 Front Winch Ready Bumper Lonestar Guard, Black Finish and Round Fog Light Hole

Road Armor Stealth Winch Bumper with Full Grill Guard - The kind of heavy-duty steel build you need to face the world with a top-of-the-range design. Rugged, raw, and as brave as they get. These bumpers are more on the expensive side but will be your reliable protection for years to come.

 Fab Fours CS14-H3050-1 Chevy Silverado 1500 2014-2015 Premium Front Bumper Winch Ready with Full Guard

Fab Fours Premium Winch Bumper with Full Grill Guard - A truly premium choice, this leader in the market knows how to make an aggressive-looking bumper. You get one ready to tow and with a full grill to stay safe in front of anything, crafted from plate steel.



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