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Bumper's Weight For All Brands We Carry

Bumper's Weight For All Brands We Carry

Do you remember when it all started? When the idea of modifying your truck kicked in? All truck owners might have been through this. Starting by thinking about what you want in the future, and then thinking about why you want it.

You began to imagine your truck with an aftermarket front bumper, then you kind of started to visualize it with a rear bumper and the advantages that come along with it – the convenience of not worrying too much where you and your beast is going, not to mention the protection. But this, my friend, isn’t enough. There is something here that we all tend to forget. You might spend so much time thinking about the additions that you forget to worry about the weight you’re adding and how you would drive your truck.

It's important to consider the weight of these aftermarket bumpers before we let our factory stock suspension, which is not rated to carry the additional load, carry it. It would compress your springs more than normal, giving you a stiffer ride and less clearance off-road. You wouldn’t want your monster truck to stoop so low, would you?

Aftermarket bumpers are mostly made of heavy materials. More often than not, it's built with heavy-gauged plates that are welded together. There are potential long-term ramifications in terms of comfort, drivability, and mileage so we really need to keep the consistency with everything you want to do with your truck. After all, aftermarket bumpers come in different sizes, materials, and weights. Some designs are best suited for your truck than others, depending on your specific needs.

At BumperOnly, we are persistent in helping you really transform your truck without forgetting about reliability and safety. Below we have listed our bumper brands, their approximate weight, and other important details to further guide you in finding your best option.


  1. Ranch Hand Legend Series

Approximate weight: 255 lbs.

Material: 12-Gauge Steel

The Ranch Hand Legend Series offers a high-quality grille guard. A crafted and powerfully welded one-piece, on-road and off-road bumper that custom-fits your OEM’s specifications. Although grille guards are known for their complex designs, they offer greater all-round protection. Grille guards protect your radiator and other engine components. This steel bumper is compatible with your Chevy Blazer, Ford Excursion/F150, Dodge 1500, GBM Suburban/Sierra and Toyota Tacoma.

  1. Iron Cross Base

Approximate weight: 160 lbs.

Material: 10-Gauge Steel

The Iron Cross Base is one of your best options among the steel bumpers available, because of its lightweight design that prevents suspension fatigue. Iron Cross Base is laser-cut with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), which is a precision machining process that uses computers to reliably make welds, grinds, and mills. Perfect for your Ford Superduty and GMC Sierra, this bumper is winch-ready and accepts up to 12.5K. It also includes 3.74” lights and is powder-coated with a textured gloss .

  1. Truck Defender Aluminum Bumper

Approximate weight: 100-125 lbs.

Material: ¼” Marine Grade Aluminum

Even if this is the lightest due to its aluminum material, this American-made bumper is crafted to last. Aluminum is a lighter alternative to steel and yet more expensive. It suits both off-road and on-road vehicles, working as a fully welded boxed mounting system that works hard to provide the strongest mount. You can add winches and lights and it’s compatible with Toyota Tacoma/Tundra, Ford F150/Superduty, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, and Chevy Silverado.

  1. LOD Destroyer

Approximate weight: 70 lbs. (front), 80 lbs. (rear)

Material: Lightweight Military-Grade Steel (front), Stronger High Strength (rear)

Perfect for your Jeep Wrangler, LOD Destroyer is a stinger front bumper that provides safety, appeal and function to off-roaders. It maintains its quality while staying reasonably lightweight at the same time. It provides full tire clearance and although they're sold separately, options for a new enhanced bull guard and skid plate are available. This steel bumper is winch ready and fits not only halogen but also LED lights.

  1. Hammerhead X-Series

Approximate weight: 205-245 lbs.

Material: 3/16 inch A36 Steel (front), ¼” Think Plate Steel (rear)

The X-Series of one of the top brands for aftermarket bumpers - Hammerhead, is ready for both off-road and on-road driving. In a powder-coat finish, this steel bumper is ready for additional fog lights and a winch that can carry up to 12000 lbs. It's also installation-ready for a D-ring mount and compatible with Chevys, Ford F150/Excursion, Dodge Ram, and GMC Sierra.

  1. Fab Fours Matrix

Approximate weight: 175 lbs.

Material: 3/16” Plate Steel Construction

The Fab Four Matrix offers the killer look with its premium materials. This bumper provides additional tire clearance and lower cutout for increased airflow. Fab Four finished it with a 2-stage black powder coat and is compatible with your GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Jeep Wrangler, and Ford Superduty.

  1. Steelcraft HD

Approximate weight: 280-290 lbs.

Material: Diamond Plate & Schedule 40 Pipe

Considerably the heaviest on our list, but the weight comes with remarkably great features. This bumper is engineered for the perfect fit, easy installation, strength and durability. It's able to support emblem cameras and has adaptive cruise control. E-coated and powder-coated, it also offers a punch plate grill and apt for your factory tow hooks and fog lights. This heavy-duty bumper is best suited for Ford F150/Superduty, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and GMC Sierra. Additionally, it comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  1. Road Armor Identity

Approximate weight: 215 lbs.

Material: Constructed from High-Quality Steel

Integrated with LED lights, adaptive cruise control, and parking sensors, the Road Armor Identity is designed extensively for more customizations. This high quality, USA-made steel bumper can allow your Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, and Ford Superduty a multitude of lighting options, and has interchangeable light pod inserts.  


For any vehicle, weight is a matter of fuel consumption and performance. Light aftermarket bumpers increase fuel mileage but aren’t ideal for off-roading. Heavy aftermarket bumpers are great for off-road journeys but bad for your gas mileage. If most of your trips will be light and over-land, an aluminum option might be a good choice. If you’re going to do adventurous rock climbing and require the added tire clearance, a high-quality steel bumper might be a better option. Weight will let you experience a considerable difference in the handling of the vehicle. So when choosing a bumper, you shouldn’t forget about the suspension. This is where things get a little tricky. Ask yourself: “What do I want to do with my truck?”. Are you building a buddy for short trail runs or a beast for long-distance trips where there are long highway stretches? The answers to these questions should help you figure out where to go next. Your purpose will tell you which bumper you will need.

We’re here to provide you the latest top-bumpers in the market to protect your badass beast of a truck. However, if you can’t find what you need or require a different truck accessory, then look no further than our good buddies at realtruck.com






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