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Does the Ford Raptor have any limits?

Does the Ford Raptor have any limits?

Dear Ford Raptor owners, is your beast of a truck really ready to take on any challenge? You might be familiar with extreme trails such as the Baja 100 and the brave souls that dare to drive them, but have you ever wondered exactly how they do it? Is getting the toughest truck in the market enough to prepare you for what these extreme trails have in store for you?


As tough as it can be to accept, there are things that your Ford Raptor alone can’t do. It’s got the power and aggressive appearance that you’ve been looking for, and there is no doubt that this thing can fly over the roughest of terrain like it was born with wings. When it’s compared to other trucks for racing, there is no better winner.


What drivers who have taken on the biggest challenges have discovered, is that sadly even such a powerful pick-up truck has its limits. The ideal driving pavement for a truck like this can be uneven, but usually still needs to be somewhat flat. When it comes to racing the Baja trail, a Ford Raptor can easily reach high speeds with no issues, the desert is no enemy to this truck. That’s because its suspension adapts to it in a heartbeat, and as it was built to fear no bumps on the road, you can keep going without any disturbance. Thanks to the amazing grip of its tires, you’re bound to believe that the sky’s the limit.


And yet, when it has to tackle the challenges of a narrow trail in the midst of a forest, its wide body struggles to go through it without a lot of careful and painfully slow driving. The huge tires are perfect to get you across the desert but are not the biggest fans of tight spaces. Generally, slow speed is really not what the Ford Raptor enjoys, as its heavyweight screams for a faster pace when you keep moving as carefully as you can.


But don’t let this discourage you from exploring a variety of trails with your vehicle, if anything, let it be a lesson that your truck can always improve to tackle even tougher challenges. 


Are you up for a challenge?

What if a life driving on comfortable ‘rough but not too rough’ roads isn’t for you and you’re looking for a real challenge? You’ll be happy to know that there is still plenty you can do, and even more when you add the right protection to your Raptor. Here at BumperOnly, we’ve looked hard at this problem and came up with a series of bumpers that are designed specifically to get you from A to Z even in the most extreme conditions - meet our Xtreme Rally bumpers. Exactly what you need if you’re serious about braving desert racing and going beyond where every other Ford Raptor driver has been. Find out more here.

Got any questions about this topic and how our new bumper series can help you? You can always contact our expert customer service team for advice, either via our live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.

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1052 reviews
Ranch Hand rear bumper 2015 F150

Awesome product!
Heavy Duty replacement for my factory bumper. I work off road as much as on and apparently my rear bumper was damaged.
The RANCH HAND Fit perfectly.
All hardware included.

What powder coat??

I chose this bumper because it was a bolt on, with no cutting, and didn't interfere with the factory tow package. However, upon receiving the bumper, there was no way I could install it without first having it re-powder coated. The finish was awful! It came with an extremely rough, flat black coating that was far from what I expected. You could tell it was slid across the floor of the warehouse. All of the corners were down to bare metal and there were several scratches on it. I figured $350.00 to powder coat it was easier than expending the effort to send it back. If' I'd have known it had a lousy finish, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Tough, good looking, and a head turner

Most people around here drive trucks with many upgrading their front bumper to this product. When you do both using this brand, you know you did the right thing by the looks and compliments you receive from complete strangers. Mine were painted to match the color of my F-350 and it looks OEM but custom as well.

Nice bumper.

Pretty easy install except instead of reusing the original bolts holding the original bumper, I used a sawzall and cut off the bolts and replaced with hardened bolts. Faster for me.

Five Stars

This bumper is even better built than it looks in the picture!

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