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Why desert racing and how to prepare for it



There is a reason why so many badass men live on adrenaline, if you never do something adventurous and kinda risky, how do you even know that you’re living your life to the fullest? Desert racers that have bravely taken on the Baja 1000 race know exactly what we’re talking about, having experienced the thrill of the open road in the most extreme racing setting known to men.


What makes extreme desert racing so popular?


Knowing the risks involved with desert racing, it’s no surprise that some might fail to understand why it’s such a popular sport. But to anyone who has experienced it or even just got a little taste of the whole adventure, it’s easy to get the appeal. It represents going from the monotony of daily life to your beloved truck and the race being the only thing that matters.

It’s something that young boys often dream about, playing video games of cars taking on the most extreme races, and successfully reaching the end. Those who went through it in real life, at Baja, consider it the best experience of their lives. It’s an exhilarating party all about racing and trucks, everyone there is just as passionate about their trophy truck as you might be. It’s also an excellent exhibition of how far you can turn a simple vehicle you see every day on the road, into a tough beast ready to take on some punching.


The landscape itself is also worth mentioning, there is a reason why Baja became a favorite. What’s better than driving your truck through small villages, endless deserted scenery, and unexpected mountains and mud plains? In this path, anything can happen, it’s not your usual paved road that leads you from point A to B.


That’s exactly what makes the whole desert racing experience so special. While also working as a reminder that no traditional car or truck should be taking on this adventure without some careful preparation.


How to prepare for desert racing


Dear Ford Raptor owners, your vehicle is only a starting point before you’re ready to tackle the unpredictable dangers of desert racing. As any experienced racer before you would say, enhancing your truck so that it’s at the max level of protection and toughness possible is crucial to increase the chance of reaching the end of the race in one piece.

Thankfully, this doesn’t require throwing away your Ford vehicle and getting another beast of a truck, your own Raptoris perfect to be transformed into the king of the offroad races. Plus, you’re in luck, because BumperOnly just released a bumper series all about reaching the kind of protection needed for desert racing.


Our USA-made Xtreme Rally Bumpers were designed specifically to succeed at this type of ultimate offroad driving. Built to survive anything, deal with the high speeds, and to look super badass while doing so. Click Here to check out our introduction blog that explains all you need to know about our new bumper series for Baja and other extreme desert races.

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