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Here are some of the coolest wraps around

Here are some of the coolest wraps around

We all love a good wrap on a truck. The kind of customization that makes you think ‘badass’ as soon as you see it. Sometimes that’s all you need to add a personal touch to your beast of the road - a wrap that proudly shows off what you stand for and tells everyone that they better not mess with you. Especially when it comes to custom trucks that are getting ready to display their badassery at events like the SEMA show in Las Vegas. 


The best part? To get the look you want, you no longer need to go through complicated stages of creating graphics on the truck with multiple layers of paint. This process would take hours to complete, require a true artist with meticulous attention to details, and cost thousands of bucks. Now, you can just choose the colors and graphics you like the most and simply wrap it around your pickup truck with a vinyl wrap. This takes significantly less time and still gives you the badass look of your dreams.


Here are some badass wraps to check out for inspiration:



A patriotic take on a classic Chevy truck - a great way to show off how proud you are of this country.


Wanna tell everyone that you're afraid of nothing? A bulletproof wrap will do the job just fine, take an example from this Ford F-250.



Proud of your football team? Then why not turn your truck around to show your support (perfect to ride around when your team wins and you want to annoy your rivals).


Or how about you add a few years of age to your brand new truck? I bet this would trick a lot of passers-by and definitely get them talking.


Or if you want your Dodge Ram to maintain a uniform color but look more sleek and unique, then this metallic wrap will do the job.


As always, though, if all you wanna do is make your truck look badass without a specific design, then an abstract graphic is all you need.



Now, if you like the idea of changing the appearance of your truck but you wish to start with something smaller, we recommend you get yourself an aftermarket bumper. Differently from your factory bumper, this bad boy can both boost your protection and also add a touch of personality to your truck all at once.

Sounds good? We have compiled a list of all of the best bumpers around for each truck in our Ultimate Bumper Guide - there, you can easily find the latest bumpers available and figure out which one is the best for you. Still unsure? Don’t ya worry, you can get in touch with our experienced customer service team for advice either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.




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Iron Cross Bumper

Love my new bumper! It's heavy and was a bit of a devil to get properly aligned by myself, but the results are well worth it!


Whoever does the powder coating at the factory need some lessons. When you look into the nooks and crannies there is no coating. Its bare metal that we had to paint to avoid rust issues down the road.

Heavy duty durable bumpers

I'm very pleased with the quality of these bumpers easy to install very nicely built high quality paint job very durable lot's of options for bumpers everything is easy to get to and the bumpers are very thick and heavy I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to put a strong and high quality bumper on their truck or jeep

Iron Cross 20-515-14 - Base Front Bumper

Love it!

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