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Learn more about bumpers from our top blogs

Learn more about bumpers from our top blogs

Our blog is designed to help fellow drivers discover new tips, get inspired by amazing truck transformations and learn more about bumpers made by the leading US brands in the market. Whether you’re a pro with extensive knowledge of bumpers, looking to check out some truck transformations, or someone who would love to learn more about it all, we got ya covered.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top blogs:


How to build your own custom steel bumpers


In this blog, we discuss how you can scrap your OEM bumper and replace it with something made with your own two hands. We cover all the tools you need to safely and efficiently turn a bit of steel into the bumper you have in mind, complete with a step-by-step guide. Give it a look if that’s also a goal of yours or if you’re simply curious about how it would work.


Protect your truck from deer collision with an aftermarket front bumper


In this blog, we tackle the issue of deer-related accidents and how bumpers can help you with this kind of collision. We also share some important information on when you’re more likely to get hit by deer, what you can do to prevent this kind of collision, and have compiled a list of some of the top bumpers you can check out to protect your truck from deer. A great read for both those who wanna learn more on how to avoid deer encounters and those looking for the right bumper for this kind of protection.


How thick should an off-road truck bumper be?


Here, we explore the difference that bumper thickness can make to your off-road performance. We also recommend the best kind of thickness you should look out for and whether the law can stop you from transforming your truck in the way you dream to do. Consult this if you’re about to buy a bumper and are not sure about its thickness and what it would mean for your truck.


How to deal with rust and chipped paint bumper


Rust and chipped paint are any driver’s worst enemies. In this blog, we share some tips on how you can get your bumper back to its old self by removing the rust and repainting. We give a detailed step-by-step guide for that and also on how to fix your chipped paint. Plus, we share a little overview of some of the best bumpers on the market that you should check out. Whether you wanna bookmark this for when it happens or have already a bumper to fix in mind, check this blog out.


Worried a steel aftermarket bumper might be too heavy?


Weight is another thing that plays a part in your truck’s performance, and here we explore how the weight of a steel bumper influences your driving. We also give out some tips on how to balance the weight and what to look out for to get the right bumper for your truck. If you’ve ever worried about this topic, give this blog a look.


Now that you’ve done your reading, get ready to buy your very own bumper. Check out our Ultimate Bumper Guide to get some advice on which bumper is right for you, or contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 if you’d like some extra help. 


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Iron Cross Bumper

Love my new bumper! It's heavy and was a bit of a devil to get properly aligned by myself, but the results are well worth it!


Whoever does the powder coating at the factory need some lessons. When you look into the nooks and crannies there is no coating. Its bare metal that we had to paint to avoid rust issues down the road.

Heavy duty durable bumpers

I'm very pleased with the quality of these bumpers easy to install very nicely built high quality paint job very durable lot's of options for bumpers everything is easy to get to and the bumpers are very thick and heavy I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to put a strong and high quality bumper on their truck or jeep

Iron Cross 20-515-14 - Base Front Bumper

Love it!

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