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The Ultimate Tips for Driving in Mud


Whether you live somewhere muddy or often venture off-road, you’re probably familiar with the annoying feeling of your wheels getting stuck in the mud. Here are some of the best tips we can give to our fellow truck drivers to avoid this situation: 

1. Enter the mud at slow speed - Generally, if you’re confident that you can drive over some mud that’s because you can see that it’s shallow and no deeper than about 2 inches. However, don’t take that as an excuse to drive over it at a fast speed as momentum and torque are what really can get you through. Give your tires a taste of the mud and find traction on the road underneath, then move ahead staying as straight as possible as the wheels turning would make you sink into the mud.  

Enter the mud at slow speed

2. Don’t hit the brakes if you skid - Your instinct in case of skidding might be to try and halt your truck but the best way to do it is to back off the gas pedal then make sure that your wheels are pointing ahead. That’s because once your truck will decelerate and regain traction, the wheels will pull in the direction they find themselves in. Once you’re sure that you got control of the truck again, keep going ahead.  

Don’t hit the brakes if you skid

3. Flip on the windshield wipers - If the mud ahead looks particularly sticky, get your windshield wipers to work before you delve into it as the mud will keep trying to make its way on your windshield. It’s much better to kick it off as you’re going than let it accumulate over, limiting your view.  

Flip on the windshield wipers

4. Keep your truck clean - You should also make sure to always check your truck for any remaining mud and clean it as soon as you end your drive. That’s because mud can lead to corrosion and rust, and dry mud on wheels and undercarriage can cause some serious damage. You might be clean as a whistle and have nothing to wipe down, but it’s always better to check rather than be sorry that you didn’t once the harm is done.  


Keep your truck clean
5. Sometimes, it’s better to try another route - Let’s be honest, not every muddy path can be driven through. Especially if your vehicle isn’t set up to face the off-road and you know that your tires can’t handle the mud. As a rule, try to avoid driving in mud that contains debris or that hides the whole road and is still moving. 


    it’s better to try another route


    What to do if you get stuck anyway?

    Sometimes you just can’t help it and you may find yourself stuck in the mud. Here’s what you can try to get out:


    1. Get your transmission into reverse and make sure your wheels are still pointing straight.

    Stuck in the Mud

    2. Grab your floor mats and try placing them under your tires and on the side you’re trying to drive towards.


    Stuck in the Mud

    3. Then slowly ease on your accelerator and move out of this sticky situation. 


    Stuck in the Mud

    4. Finally, before you drive off at your usual speed, stop and let your tires get the muck out of the tread.

    Stuck in the Mud



    Planning a drive off-road? Give yourself some extra protection with a badass bumper, we’ve got a full list of the best ones out there in our Ultimate Bumper Guide. Give it a look to find what you need and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124. 


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