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What is a Receiver Hitch and why is it so important?


Ever thought about towing a trailer in your next ride? Then you must ensure that you get everything needed to secure this other vehicle and bring it from A to B without issues.


So, you've got your trusty old truck on one side and your trailer on the other, now how do you join them together? That's when a receiver hitch comes in handy. This tool is designed to bolt onto the underside of your vehicle, at the back, and it's where you can attach a ball mount or other hitch accessories to secure your trailer. It's essential for the safety of any type of trailer that you fit in, as you must ensure that there is no danger of it coming undone while you drive, no matter how rough the roads you encounter might be. When you’re looking to get one, you can expect to shell out up to $250 depending on the brand and also its classification.


The standard size of a receiver hitch is usually 2 by 2 inches of Class IV or III, as they work perfectly for the classic pickup trucks and SUVs. 


However, here's the good news: you can sometimes find Aftermarket Bumpers that include a receiver hitch and are ready to let you drag your trailer anywhere you'd like. This makes finding the right one for your truck easier and also saves you some bucks. But why can you Buy a Bumper with a receiver hitch when you won't always be towing a trailer? That's cause you don't need to have a receiver hitch on your truck only when you're doing so, as it's something that can be left there to be used whenever needed.


All of our bumpers available with a receiver are clearly indicated as such so that you can easily find them with our search function. Here are some of the bumpers that already offer this essential receiver hitch:


Steelcraft Front Bumper Replacement Series with Receiver


This Sturdy Bumper is designed to retain your factory tow hooks and fog lights and comes with an included receiver hitch so that you get both extra protection and safety when towing a trailer, all at once.


Iron Cross Rear Bumper with Receiver


This lightweight bumper has been laser cut to perfection with a double weld inside and out for extra sturdiness. Its badass design adds to its versatility with the available tow hook mount and included receiver. 


Frontier Pro Front Bumper with Receiver


This heavy-duty bumperpresents a fully welded one-piece design that combines a heavy smooth plate with a diamond plate. The heavy steel brackets add extra protection while the welded 2-inch receiver and the possibility to accommodate tow hooks make it a great bumper to use for towing trailers. 

Explore our shop to find more types of bumpers that come with an included receiver and that fit your needs.   If you’re still unsure on which one to choose, we have compiled a list of all of the best bumpers around for each truck in our  Ultimate Bumper Guide. You can always contact our customer service team for advice either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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