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Iron Cross Bumpers

Minimalist design and strong protection are what defines Iron Cross Bumpers.

Respect, mettle, devotion, and dedication are the reason IRON CROSS bumpers makes its mark amongst aftermarket bumper lovers in the US. They value a wide range of persevering American specialists, and they construct quality items in their U.S production line at a cost that everybody likes. 

On the off chance that you are somebody who buckles down on the field ordinary, IRON CROSS is for you.  With a subtle outline, it offers sufficiently solid protection to help your vehicle glide through the toughest and rugged terrains. Iron Cross bumpers come in several mount choices like winch, lighting and D-ring mount choices. Standard style, pre-runner style and bumpers with grille protect, Iron Cross bumpers offer you a plenty of choices which are all great in build quality yet subtle and minimalist in design.

It's by far the best value for money choice...

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Frontier 300-40-3005 Dodge Ram 1500 2002 - 2005 Front Bumper


Not for my truck, but for a customer's truck, and it looks awesome. Bolted up perfectly. Customer service was awesome! Thumbs up!

Great Bumper, Good Price.

The instructions that came with the bumper were excellent in detailing how to remove the OEM bumper, however the actual installation instructions could use an improvement, they weren't terrible but they weren't great either. The bumper looks great on my truck and was several hundred dollars cheaper than similar bumpers of more popular brands, but the logo on the bumper wasn't a consideration when purchasing. The very next day after installing it I "tested out" my new heavy duty bumper by grinding the corner of it down the fender and door of a very expensive SUV at the grocery store. It took quite a bit of metal and paint off the SUV of which I wiped it off my bumper with my finger. I'm guessing a grand or two worth of damage to the SUV but it didn't even scratch the powder coating on my bumper. I'm sure there are cheaper ways to find out the quality and workmanship. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase, however the lady in the SUV seemed less enthusiastic. Typical woman.

ICI Bumper

In my opinion the quality of the bumper was very nice, my only problem I have with this product was the way they expect you to attach the light for your license plate. There’s no hole to run your wire through the bumper so it has to sit on top of the bumper where it is prone to be damaged from all the debris coming out of the bed of the truck. My recommendation they should at least manufacture lights for the license plate at the factory you should not have to be an afterthought. Also directions for installation were terrible thankfully I had people that knew what they were doing nothing was mentioned about having to remove or at least loosen the bed of your truck to install a bumper no mention of it.

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