Iron Cross Bumpers


Iron Cross Bumpers

Honor, courage, dedication and loyalty are why IRON CROSS starts it in the first place. They appreciate all types of hard-working American workers, and they build quality products in their U.S factory for a price that everyone likes. 

If you are someone who works hard on the field everyday, IRON CROSS is for you. With a simplistic design, it offers strong enough protection to help your rig against deer with suicide commission through the forest area. Their bumpers come with winch, lighting and D-ring mount options. Standard style, pre-runner style and bumper with grille guard, the manufacturer gives you everything you need from an aftermarket bumper and nothing fancy. For the sake of this good price, you will be surprised with how the Iron Cross bumper transforms your truck into a beast on the road.

With the Iron Cross bumper, you will soon find that driving to work on Monday morning can be one of happiest moments in your life.  

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One of the best selling USA-made bumper brands. Their bumpers are mostly for trucks and Jeeps, and their popular bumper series include the Hardline, Heavy Duty, and Low Profile.

Iron Cross HD Winch Bumpers

Get max protection with the Heavy Duty series by Iron Cross. One of the most lightweight bumpers from this brand, weighing 175 lbs without sacrificing functionality. This prevents suspension fatigue while still accomodating a Winch of up to 12,500 lb. Their build is made from 10 gauge steel which has been laser cut and fully welded for superior strength. Finished with a premium powder gloss coating.

Iron Cross Hardline Bumpers

The Hardline Series from Iron Cross combines an aggressive look with a low-profile design. They welcome all kinds of lighting and are compatible with your sensors. These Iron Cross bumpers are a guarantee not only in quality but also longevity. Their sturdy steel build is designed to sustain impact without affecting the way you drive. They’re ready to take a punch while protecting you and your truck from any potential damage. It’s an investment in your safety just as much as the longevity of your vehicle.

Iron Cross Low Profile Bumpers

If you’re looking for an alternative to bulky bumpers, then the Iron Cross Low Profile bumpers are for you. They’re slim in design yet offer the same high level of protection thanks to the tough 10 gauge steel build. These versatile Low Profile bumpers are ready with D-lugs in case you wish to add Iron Cross shackles, and welcomes a variety of lighting options. Easily lit up the road ahead with everything from 20"-22" center light bars to 5.5" rectangular fog lights.

Iron Cross RS Bumpers

The RS Iron Cross series is all about keeping the design sleek and low profile, while guaranteeing just as much toughness as others. The 10 Gauge steel bumper shell is ready to take any beatings, also boasting a 2" Square Class III Receiver tube with 1/2' reinforced collar. Compared to the Low Profile Iron Cross bumpers, the RS series goes the next step with a slimmer, lighter, and sleeker design overall. Perfect for those who want an aftermarket bumper that blends in with their truck.




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