Aries 3025179 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 ActionTrac 83.6" Powered Running Boards (No Brackets) Crew Cab

Aries 3025179 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 ActionTrac 83.6" Powered Running Boards (No Brackets) Crew Cab

Regular price $1,295.95
$1,295.95 Sale price Regular price $1,684.73

Style: Power

Material: Aluminum

Length: Truck/Suv Cab Length

Color: Black

Weight: 60 lbs

Dimensions (L x W x H): 91 x 12 x 6.50 in.

NOTE: This package includes one pair of running boards only. Mounting brackets must be purchased separately or as part of a kit.

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Product Details

Aries ActionTrac Powered Running Boards 3025179


  • Patented step-within-a-step design for easier access, especially on large vehicles
  • 3" powered step automatically drops 8" when door opens, up to 15" below doorsill
  • 4" top step provides convenient access to the roof of the vehicle
  • Housing shields retractable step, pivot points and electronics from the elements
  • Contoured design helps protect the rocker panels from road debris and door dings
  • Simple-2-install system with no-splice wiring (brackets not included)
  • Powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminum is durable, lightweight and non-corrosive
  • Integrated control module detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazards
  • Single, rotary motor for fast, quiet, maintenance-free operation
  • Integrated LED lights activate on deployment for added visibility and safety
  • Rated for 650 lbs. static weight capacity (limited to mounting structure)
  • Limited lifetime warranty (five-year finish and three-year parts)
  • Assembled in USA
  • Patent# US 9771024, US 8833781, D718195, D751953
  • Includes one pair of running boards only (mounting brackets sold separately)
  • These boards are not a substitute for rocker bars
  • 79" stepping surface, 83.6" overall length

Descriptions :

Introducing the ARIES ActionTrac™ boards, the evolutionary step forward in power running boards. These distinctive side steps stand out among other power step designs with their innovative patented step-within-a-step™ feature. Equipped with a control module ensuring secure and seamless automated operation, they boast a hassle-free installation with no splicing or drilling required for bracket setup. Crafted from weather-resistant powder-coated aluminum, the ARIES ActionTrac™ boards proudly come together through meticulous assembly right here in the USA.

The ActionTrac™ powered running boards present a patented step-within-a-step™ design tailored for offroad trucks and Jeep Wranglers. The primary housing integrates a non-skid stepping surface atop, blending seamlessly with the vehicle's rocker panels to achieve a sleek, aftermarket appearance. Upon door opening, the control module automatically extends the 3" wide power step, offering an 8" drop from the 4" wide top step and reaching up to 15" from the doorsill, depending on the application. This dual-step configuration makes ActionTrac™ the perfect choice for lifted trucks, providing safer and more convenient entry and exit from the vehicle, especially for larger Jeeps or trucks. Additionally, they cater to families with young children and elderly passengers, enhancing accessibility. Upon door closure, the power step retracts securely, concealed within the housing for safety and aesthetics.

The ActionTrac™ lifted truck steps come with an intelligent control module that effortlessly identifies any obstructions during operation. This crucial feature eliminates pinch hazards and prevents potential damage to the steps, particularly while navigating challenging trails. To further enhance safety, the power steps are thoughtfully designed with a two-second delay mechanism, preventing them from retracting too rapidly after the door closes. For heightened visibility and added safety, each set of power running boards is furnished with integrated LED lights that illuminate the power side steps as soon as they are deployed.

One distinctive benefit of ActionTrac™ running boards is their straightforward installation process. Tailored for specific vehicle applications, every set of these power running boards utilizes pre-existing holes in the vehicle for mounting. This eliminates the necessity of drilling holes for brackets and aligning the running boards during installation, leading to a substantial reduction in installation time.

Crafted for off-roading trucks and Jeep Wranglers, ActionTrac™ powered running boards are meticulously engineered. These boards are built from extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, ensuring a lightweight, non-corrosive, and highly durable construction. Additionally, they are coated with a carbide black powder finish, greatly enhancing their resistance to corrosion. This advanced construction, coupled with the contoured design of the running boards, not only guarantees robustness but also affords added safeguarding for the vehicle's sides against minor rocks and debris that could potentially cause scratches or blemishes to the finish.

The ActionTrac™ retractable running boards are powered by a single rotary motor, ensuring a quiet, dependable, and maintenance-free operation over the long term. All vital components including the motor, pivot points, and electrical elements are enclosed within the main housing, offering an additional layer of protection from external elements. Additionally, every set of running boards is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty, and they are proudly assembled in the USA, underscoring the commitment to top-notch quality.

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      ARIES comes complete with installation instruction. If you need assistance, call ARIES Products Technical Support or bring it to your local auto body shop to install.

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